Listen to the Amazon is a project devoted to creating a platform for all individuals, organisations and tribes that are fighting to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, so that their voices are heard.

Its mission is to:

  • make news regarding the Amazon as accessible and understandable as possible, combining both Brazilian and non-Brazilian sources
  • provide as full an account as possible on the past, present and future of the rainforest, its people and the process of colonisation/modernisation affecting them, for the purposes of awareness-raising, education and activism
  • act as a repository for events, reports and resources concerning both natural ecosystems and the impact of human intervention
  • publicise campaigns, petitions and events
  • showcase the work of charities and NGOs

The website (still under construction) is curated by Lucio Marcello, who started campaigning for the Amazon Rainforest in 2011 through an Amazon Watch campaign at the onset of the Belo Monte Dam project, launching a Scotland-based network called ARAWA (Amazon Rainforest AWAreness).

While the website is currently only in English, the intent is to develop a Portuguese version too.

If you would like to get involved in the project, do get in touch!