Challenges and successes in indigenous land demarcation in the Brazilian Amazon: the crucial role of indigenous people in preserving the rainforest

“The rights of indigenous people to social organisation, practices, languages, beliefs and traditions are recognised, together with their original rights over the land that they traditionally occupy, and it is the responsibility of the Brazilian Federal Government to demarcate these lands and to ensure that all their heritage is protected and respected.” Brazilian Constitution, 5th October 1988   In Brazil, Indigenous land demarcation, whether complete or in progress, is a very difficult and precarious process. Although indigenous lands have been demarcated to some extent (starting only in 1961 along the Xingu river, which has [...]

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Belo Monte and beyond: the increasing impact of dams in the Amazon

The Belo Monte Dam is now complete, with irreparable loss of livelihood to the local residents, species and environment, and, to make matters worse, the minimum conditions required for its operation are not yet fulfilled. Sanitation was a prerequisite for the dam being approved by IBAMA, Brazil's Environmental Agency, but approval was nevertheless granted, and the fulfilment of this condition in the city of Altamira (a population of 100,000 that has doubled since the construction works started in 2011) has been extended to September 2016. On 8th March, the MPF (Federal Prosecutor) of the state of [...]

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