The Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants face serious threats from plans to bring “progress” to the region: logging, road works, cattle ranching, agribusiness (in particular soybeans), hydroelectric dams and waterways, mining (especially gold and aluminium). All these operations cause more logging, water and soil pollution, contamination and death of fish stocks and affect human health too. This results in habitat degradation and fragmentation, the inability of indigenous people to sustain their way of life, making the forest even more vulnerable. The current crisis spans the entire rainforest, albeit with significant local differences depending on the level of accessibility of the area and the resources coveted by local / international players. The frailty of the situation is further exacerbated by the effects of climate change, which has recently caused severe and unprecedented droughts in the Amazon basin. This section of the website aims to provide an overview for each of the threats mentioned above.